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Just outside Drummond on the Durban side is the Comrades Wall of Honour.  This is a long wall covered with green and yellow Comrades plaques containing the names and race numbers of numerous Comrades runners.  The first section of the wall contains the plaques of former Comrades winners.  For the rest, the plaques are those of runners who have paid for the privilege of having their name on this wall to commemorate their race achievements.  Runners who have earned their permanent number have a green plaque while those who have run less than 10, have a yellow plaque.

When driving the route, this is always a good place to stop and stretch your legs and take some time out to look at the various plaques on the wall.  This is something that I have done every year that I have run Comrades.  I did have the opportunity to purchase a plaque after my first run, I made the decision that I would wait until I had earned my permanent number before I applied for one.  In the meanwhile I stopped at the wall every year while driving the route, looking forward to the year that I would be able to look for my own plaque on the wall.

Well eventually (2007) I ran my 10th Comrades and was awarded my permanent number.  Shortly after returning to Cape Town I contacted the CMA office to purchase a green plaque for the wall.  Imagine my disappointment when I was informed that they had run out of space!  They were not taking any more purchase applications for plaques.  DISAPPOINTMENT!

Anyway, I got over it!  We stopped and visited the wall again the following year on our pre-race route drive.  Although it was disappointing I had come up with a plan!  The day after Comrades, I visited a tattoo shop at Ushaka, Durban and had the Comrades logo (Hermes) with the laurel and my number tattoo’d above my right ankle.  I figured I had the space and I had earned it.  It’s an honour thing.  I’ve decided that when I eventually get to completing my 20th run, I will add a second laurel to my tattoo!

my tatoo
My tattoo in lieu of a wall of honour plaque

I am pleased to let you know that the CMA have subsequently found more space and are once again  giving runners the opportunity to purchase a plaque.  Needless to say, when I heard the news I jumped at the opportunity and ordered my own plaque.  I took great delight in searching for it this year when we stopped at the wall on our pre-race route drive.  

The Wall of Honour memorial blocks cost R300 per block, this include the block, plaque and engraving as well as maintenance and upkeep of the block and site for posterity.

For more information about the Wall of Honour or to order a plaque, go to

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