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As my daughters would say “keep your eyes on the prize”!  It’s a very good mental exercise to visualize the finish.  See yourself running into the stadium.  Imagine the spectators, the noise, the smells, the sights of the club tents and the advertising banners.  See the Comrades finish line approaching, the countdown clock, the TV cameras and the finish mat in your head.  If you can see it, you can be it (corny I know, but it’s true)!  You can use these thoughts when you are going through a rough patch during the run.  Overrule negative thoughts with thoughts of the finish.  Imagine the medal around your neck.  Imagine your club mates congratulating you as you return to the club tent.  You can only have all this if you keep moving forward, if you can stay in the game.  My husband Andy usually visualizes himself drinking beer at the finish.  That really keeps him going!  Whatever your poison, if it can get you across the finish line in time, go with it!

You can start practising this exercise each time you go out on a training run.  I usually imagine a hot shower followed by toast and tea after my run and when I complete the run, this is exactly how I treat myself.  Having something positive to look forward to at the finish really helps!

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