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The first marathon training programme I followed was Hal Higdon’s one that I pulled off the internet.  To be honest I didn’t really know of any local training programmes so when I did a search Hal’s was the programme I found.  If I recall correctly it was in miles and I had to convert his distances into kilometres.  Thing is, it was a pretty decent marathon training programme and I actually followed it for a couple of years. 

From the marathon programme I moved up to a Two Oceans ultra marathon training programme.  I don’t recall whose programme it was specifically.  By this stage I was training with a group of runners from the Fish Hoek Athletic Club and I just went along with whatever they said I needed to do.  After a successful Two Oceans I was persuaded to keep training and give Comrades a bash.  Similarly, I followed a club training programme which saw me complete my first Comrades

The point I am trying to make is that you do need to follow a training programme.  There are many programmes available.  My personal preference is Don Oliver’s Comrades training programme and Don has kindly made his available on this site.  There are many others available out there.  Lindsey Parry is the official Comrades coach and his programme can be found on the Comrades website.  Other good training programmes include those of
Norrie Williamson,
Bruce Fordyce, 
Gary Sobel
and a number of specific training programmes in Tim Noakes's Lore of Running.

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