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I think most of us would be prepared to “go into battle” with our training partners.  Over time we form such a close bond with these like minded ‘crazy’ runners and these training partners become special friends. 

There are more practical reasons for training with a partner and these include safety, focus and motivation.

1.  For safety.  Sad as it may be, it is just not safe to run alone these days. 
2.  For keeping the focus.  It really helps to be out training with someone who has the same running        goal as you have.  You can feed off each other.
3.  For motivation.  I find this one really helps me!  If I have arranged to do a training run with a friend,       I have to get up and run as I know this friend will be waiting for me at the arranged time and  place.      It is so easy to just turn over and go back to sleep if you haven’t made any specific plan to run with      a training partner.

Key words: training partners, safety, focus, motivation
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