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One of the most stressful situations on the morning of the run can be handing in your tog bag at the tog bag trucks.  Let me explain! 

For starters, these trucks are usually parked down a side street and it’s still dark outside so locating them can sometimes be a problem (although detailed maps are provided in the race brochure). 
  • First you need to get an adhesive tog bag sticker from the tog bag officials.  There is usually a queue (which is less than orderly, the word “bun fight” comes to mind!)
  • Part of the sticker is attached to the straps of your tog bag. Your tog bag is then packed into one of the Biddulph’s trucks which will transport it to the race finish.  
  • The other part is handed back to you.  It is best to “stick it” to the back of your “race number”.  That way, you shouldn’t lose it before getting to the finish.
This all sounds relatively stress free – BUT trust me, when you’re standing in the queue which doesn’t appear to be moving at all, and time is ticking by, things get pretty stressful and panicky as runners start pushing in and forward in an attempt to get rid of their tog bags.  I have had friends still stuck in the tog bag queue and the seeding pens have already closed!  NOT WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE THE RACE!!!!

Stressing already? 

Never fear!  Hats off to the CMA who have addressed this situation. 


They now provide a tog bag hand-in service at the EXPO which you can do on any of the days leading up to the race.  All that is required from your part is that you will need to pack your race day tog bag in advance.  I have used this facility in 2009 and 2010 and can honestly say it worked really well.

So there you have it.  NO need to stress!

The location of Tog Bag Security is shown on the map of the finish, which is provided for in the race brochure (which you will receive in your runners courtesy bag at registration).  It is a good idea to do a recce of the finish when you drive the route.  Make sure you go to the finish and take a walk around and locate the tog bag security area.  It is useful to know where it is so that you don’t get lost after the race when you go in search of your tog bag.

Once you have finished running, got your medal, posed for photographs and passed through the refreshment tent, head for the tog bag security.  One of the many helpers will ask to see your tog bag sticker (remember you stuck it to the back of your race number).  They will then retrieve your bag for you and hand it over.

Please be aware that although every care is taken, there might still be a criminal element around, so don’t put anything valuable into your tog bag.  Sad but true!

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