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Comrades Marathon 2013

The list . . .  updated 3 February 2013, 19h45

Nikki Campbell Green number 18595 - 15 medals.  Hope to run Comrades until my legs and body don't work!
Pete Moore a complete novice and in my 65th year I would like to run Comrades 2013
Mandla Sibande A fall by a cat's eye with 7 kays to go made me settle for a Vic Clapham medal in 2012.Going for Bronze in 2013.
Catherine Gardner I want to run Comrades in 2013
Mechele Cawcutt 2013 UP run
Eileen van Eck Fat, overweight and hoping to qualify for comrades 2013!!
Nico Botha No comment
Eddie  No comment
Clive Hutchinson ...and so it starts again. Going for number three and a first up-run bronze in 2013.
Nolukhanyo Makuni  So excited about my first up run. Didn't complete my downrun though.
Duncan Roderick No comment
Mandla Nyirenda Thank you for the wonderful advice!  See you at the finish line!
Andre Visagie       Maybe it's 3rd time lucky.
Lesley Matthews   No comment
Franklin Capes    will try again nex year did not finish last year
Alex Pryor    I'm a first timer, definitely in the "also ran" category and I've been running on and off for the past three years. Medal wise I'm just going for a Vic Clapham, though to be honest I think I'll be thrilled just to get to the start line.
Yvette Meintjes    So scared, but I really, really want to ...
Stefan Kleynhans   I tried qualifying for Comrades 2012 but after two marathons over 5h I decided it was not to be this year.  My sights are now set for 2013.
Nadia Gonsalves  No comment
Natalie Madies Revenge in 2012 was sweet but now I have to go back and conquer my nemesis: the UP run and a better time. Thanks Don and Nikki
Vuvu Qokweni   i wish to complete the Comrades marathon 2012 and since it will be my first i target llh30 being my time.....
Francois Swanepoel  to finish Comrades 2013
Vernon Loker DV  I WILL be on the starting line Comrades 2013.
I am fully committed to running my 10th Comrades in 2013
Jacque Nelwamondo No comment
Estelle Kock Whoohooooooo!!!
Mary Newell I made it to the 45th Cutting this year; I am going all the way in 2013!
Byron Fester  Next year June, i want that medal hanging around my neck. My mom has run it twice and i consider it an awesome privilege to do my first Comrades with her next year. This is where it starts!
Slavena Jensen The task ahead (Comrades 2013)is never greater than the strength within!
Tracey Burke   No comment
Cornelia Hutchinson  Going to fetch my bronze medal in Maritzburg in 2013... third time lucky!
Estelle Kock Whoohooooooo!!!
Mary Newell I made it to the 45th Cutting this year; I am going all the way in 2013!
Byron Fester   Next year June, i want that medal hanging around my neck. My mom has run it twice and i consider it an awesome privilege to do my first Comrades with her next year. This is where it starts!
Slavena Jensen The task ahead (Comrades 2013)is never greater than the strength within!
Tracey Burke No comment
Dean Moldenhauer The 2013 Comrades will be my second, after successfully following your program as a novice for the 2012 Comrades and achieving my goal of a sub 08hr 30min down run I am so excited and motivated for 2013.
Ahmed Moosa   ran last comrades in 1993 in a time of 10hrs 59mins 30secs. Want to give it a try again. Goal, to complete 2013 race in 10hrs 30 mins. Am 54 years old.
Anton Engelbrecht   My first Comrades :)
Janet Hunter Will be almost a year from when I had my mastectomy.
Linda Truscott The first step!!
Leshnee Pillay No comment
Lindiwe Dludlu 2013 Comrades...i am coming home with a medal!!!!
Mathapelo Sehloho This will be my first attemp to do the up run
Daniel Hola daar!
JP Delport No comment
Shakes Motsilili This will be my first Comrades and will be gunning for a bronze medal.
Janet Wares No comment
Delene Foley  Going to do this in 2013.  Where the mind goes the body will follow!
Patrick Dyondzisa Ndlovu   I am a beginner and would like to run next year, 2013 and get a medal. I am not sure how the medal thing works, I would like to win the marathon!
Noelene Karlsen   I am a regular marathon runner but have always wanted to run  Comrades, I would love your assistance in being able to finish Comrades in the allotted time.
Bulelwa Stwayi    No comment
Mahesh Natarajan This will be the first time i will try the Comrades Ultra .. from whatever second hand knowledge i have about the race, it feels like its going to be one heckuva experience. (I am 33, Indian living in Singapore).
Giselle done Oceans 56 and feel Comrades is a chalenge i would love to take on :-)
Jeune Drinkrow first one! can't wait!!!
Linda Welsh   I'm fully committed to running my 1st Comrades in 2013
Beryl Fester  I thought i was done with Comrades, after doing the up and the down, but then i was persuaded by somebody to do it again, once more. Excited, scared, i think im crazy, but it will be awesome to finish! Please pray for me!!! :)
Grant Webber After watching the Comrades for decades - now is the time for me to take up the challenge!
Chris Completed two .will be my first up @65 hope my legs last.[ Great reading  your comments]
Craig Martin  Turned 40 in March and will be doing my first Comrades next year.
Sharon Steenkamp No comment
Eileen van Eck First time for everything!
Marga Swart No comment
James Thomson    Comrades 2013! Here I come.
Adriana Glover I really want to do Comrades 2013.So I will follow this program.
Ricardo My first Comrades, and hope to get a finishers medal
Dorothy Graham   No comment
Mary Newell I'm going to finish this time!
Stewart Chaperon   First comrades... Entered and training
Anet van Heerden No comment
Pratik Desai I stand committed to be on the finish line of Comrades marathon to be held on 2nd June 2013 and earn a medal for myself and my country.
Rebecca Parry Helpful site thanks!  First Comrades for me so any finishing time would be good, bronze medal would be great.
Gillian Laubser I have only ever run 21km's and have not run in a long time. I would like to conquer this big challenge I have. I would like to run Comrades 2013 for my friend battling cancer. Is it do-able??
David Warren No comment
Janine  Going back for my 7th Comrades marathon, if all goes well next year.
Brian Merryweather This will be my 7th Comrades my last up run was in 2011 when I finished in 11hr 44mins I hope to do a lot better next year. this years down I finished in 10hr 40 mins. heres hoping to see you all at the start on the 2nd June.
Bathini  Tsele I am making the commitment to run the Comrades Maratho "The Ultimate Human Race" in 2013. 05 September 2012.
Mike Ungerer Failed three years in a row to complete a Comrades ie 2010,2011 and 2012.This year I found God and prayed to Him to assist me in my preparation for Comrades 2013.Therefore I will complete the Comrades 2013 up run and it will be dedicated to Jesus.
Madeleine 2013 will be my 8th consecutive Comrades. I would you love that Bill Rowan around my neck....
Shane Pillay My wife has convinced me to run this Year.She considers my previous 3 entry fees as a donation to the CMA. I therefore take on the challenge to run Comrades 2013.I am anticipating 11:59:59:-) finish.
Rajiv Ratan So I am all set to run Comrades again for my back to back, race entry submitted, flights booked. Last year I managed a bronze (9:25:11)
Jacques Botes My goal is to achieve a silver medal in the 2013 Comrades Marathon and need a solid training program for that
Cathy Alison It's now or never
Sheridan Owen-Davies This will be my third comrades but my first up. Want my up medal!!
Eugene no comment required. i think the above says it all.
Arista No comment
Sibusiso I worked to hard beginning of this year and as result i had an injury which took me out of running from February - July. i have since started training again after consultation with sport doctor and physiotherapy
Samantha Lange I have used this programme before and know it works! (Three bronze medals in the bag)
Edward Potzee I would love to do silver in 2013 my best time was on the up run 10:27 this year was my back 2 back time was 10:42 my mistake was from 54km to go i did run with a guy who was in the a-seeding i left with 36km to go my race and bill rowan was gone but i did enjoy myself my goal for 2013 is a sub 9hrs.
Erica Nell No comment
Elize Hartley Green number - 19134 - 12 medals, 12kg overweight, hoping to qualify for Comrades 2013
Gavin Shang Treated many a Comrades runner and have many friends who have completed this challenge. I have been a half-marathon runner for years and have decided that 2013 is the year that I step up to the challenge of the greatest road race !!!!!
Robert Lofthouse  I've committed to doing the Comrades Marathon in 2013. There are those that know me that say I'm crazy. There are others who are worried about my ability to even accomplish it, but my progression from 3km at 8min/km at the beginning of the year to my PB 21 of 2:10 at Gerald Fox has started silencing at least some of those people. I will finish, and I will get a bronze.
Rene Comrades has always been a dream! 2013  I want to make it come true, and finish my first Comrades!  I've entered today!
Collin Sedeman   previously 11.58.30sec, commit to finish under 11hrs
Dalinda Feuth    No comment
Bridget Mohlala I have finally decided to run my first comrades in 2013
Harold Rossouw   Let's go for it again.
Nuala Smyth I entered after the seed was sown in my mind during a rambling chat in a local pub just a few weeks ago. I want a bronze !!
Scott  i plan on running the comrades for the first time in 2013. i need a programme to follow that will help me complete it.
Pete Moore    Pete has sponsored and seconded many runners over the years since the early 70's ... including one of the first black 'illegal' competitors ... as well as son Shaun in 2010 and 2011 ... and will be entering as a Novice in his 65th year !!! ...
Antony Darne   Hi - yes I've signed up; I live in the UK and will need all the help, advice, tips....and motivation that I can get! Your site looks like it has it all!
Matthew Wakeling I landed up on this site whilst on a 10 hour bus journey. I recently joined a club and hope to complete my first Comrades next year. I will be 22 on race day and eager to become a Comrade before finishing my degree. I have never run further than 21km just yet, but have my first marathon in just over 2 months. Just a finish would make me the happiest man alive but an added bonus would be if that medal had a bronze tinge to it. I become very excited reading people's personal experience with Comrades and hopefully the next time i write to you, I'll be writing to commit myself to my second.

Geoff Pearce    Have dreamed of doing Comrades for years and now I have taken the plunge.  My goals are: A)Bill Rowan medal, b) sub 10 hours, c) sub 11 hours d) I will definitely finish.
Nthabiseng  Let's see how the up run differs from the down run:)
Lorinda Going for number 4!
Zelda Taylor 5 Comrades under the belt running according to your program and finishing all of the them in the cut off time of 11hours THANK YOU! but now now ready to focus on Two Oceans please help!
N van Niekerk I'm over weight and unfit, my dream is to complete 1 comrades....2013
Charlene Beukman This will be my second comrades - first uprun! Hoping for a bronze medal!!
Christine No comment
Maryna Booysen Hope to finish my 1st Comrades in 2013
Crystal Africa I was born in Cape Town and work at UKZN. I watched the comrades on TV over the years and lined the streets watching the runners in 2012.  I am committed to run the comrades in 2013 - my first.
Roanne Viljoen The 2013 Comrades will be my third, after successfully following your program as a novice for the 2010 and back to back in 2011 Comrades and achieving my goal of a sub 11hrs for both. Taking a break in 2012  I am so excited and motivated for 2013.
Liza Retief Going for number three and looking forward to it.  Thank you for the wonderful advice!
Martin Ran the down run in 1990 - time to complete the double in 2013!
Jacomien Britz    Novice and 40 years old!
Nhlanhla Nsusha At  list one should run Comrades Marathon once in life time to let his/her name go down to the History books.
Lori Always said I would do it when I am 30!!! Here we are, it's an up-run but I am determined to be well prepared when the day comes and to finish it.
Simone Van Vuuren  This will be my first Comrades, I love running and im 35. Last year i ran the Loskop and my time was 6 hours. I commit myself to train hard. I am going to Finnish the Comrades in 2013.
Mike Cruywagen This will be my first comrades! I am looking forward to it. Thank you for this website, I have read most of it already and think it will help a lot in my preparation...
Shawn Welgemoed  Running my first Comrades. Done a couple of half marathons in the last year and a half but decided to "step up" and do the "big one".
Jana Beckett  It is time to go back and do an UP run! :-)
Juan-Pierre Louw     Juan-Pierre Louw         Going for my back to back :) Most awesome race EVER !!!!
Vee Maistry 1 am 60 years old.i have started running since july.i have completed 9 half marathons in 2hrs 20 mins.i have just completed the soweto marathon in 5hrs 5 mins.Iwant to run the comrades 2013.Pse HELP
Janeen It's been a dream for the past 20 years - finally, it's time to make it a reality!!  I WILL bring a medal home!
Dave Gassner received 15th medal in 2001, now older and slower so it will be more of a challenge. 2013 here we come for No16, revenge for the bus to the start breaking down in 2005 and missing the starting gun and the cut of at Drummond.
Kenneth Colin I am looking forward to a fantastic first time Comrades experience!
Thelma  Theron   I want to transcend...Comrades 2013 is part of the journey.
Keith Lourens i commit to running the comrades marathon is 2013, it will be my first attempt
Elsabe van der Sandt   I'm gonna beat plantar fasciitus this year and ran a bronze in 2013
Anneline Peters   No comment
Carel Müller    First one.  If I survive training through the British winter, I may have a fighting chance of a Bill Rowan.
Christie Pilossof It will be my first Comrades! Aiming for a bronze ultimately but a finish will be awesome! Terrified and excited all at once!
Martinette Botes  Training for my first comrades 2013.
Francois Kotze Getting geared for my 6th consecutive Comrades in 2013- can't wait!
Annette Myburgh No comment
Stuart Hoy THis will be my third. The previous two wer both up in 2008 and 2011.
Shannon van den Berg This will be my first. I hope starting on the "up" run isn't a mistake.
Alistair Kannemeyer I missed the entry date but I will hopefully get a substitution. My aim is for a sub11.
Tersia Moldenhauer   No comment
Adre van Rooyen Hoping to finish my 6th consecutive Comrades this year!
Mkhululi Lukhele I am committed to do my first comrade run and finish. Thank you for encouraging me
Carina Botes No comment
Antoinette Viljoen Hoping for a sub 10hour finish for my first comrades medal!!
Lourens vd. Colf Will be my first,can't wait! Training going well so far!
Michelle du Toit  No comment
Ben Lubbe   I am turning 40 next year and it has always been a dream of mine to complete the Comrades. Since i was a little boy we always watched from early morning till the end. Filled with inspiration, I always pledged to do this one day. One day quickly turned to 39 years and I realized that if I don't act now, this dream may never be fulfilled. So this is me making a commitment for the 2nd of June to be on the starting line, God and body willing!I am following you Bronze medal training program and find your sites information useful and interesting. Still a another 165 days to go, lets hope they are injury free.
Tebogo   I commit to train and finish on time. I have failed four times to get the medals. This time is time for me tot stick to the training program.
Harshit Shah It is my first Comrades. I want to finish it in 10h:30m.
Nikola Ramsden   1st Comrades - Bronze
Lisa Teepe   No comment
Gordon Maisela  My first attempt in 2012 was not successful so i wish to follow your programme to make it in 2013 with Sub 11 Hrs, please send me the programme. Thanks with good wishes.
Jonbau  I want to run and complete my  first comrades marathon by the time I reach 45 years which 45. It's a'promise I made to myself since I turned 42. I am now years of age
Chel Gassner Many reasons for doing this but I am going to do it no matter what. Never ever give up!
Graham Ross In 2012 I arrived at the last cut off barrier about 2 minutes too late and failed to complete the comrades. I was really ecstatic that I had got that far, and failing to finish has given me the resolve to do it again!
Carina Botes    No comment
Kylie Trewavas Hoping injury hasn't set me back to far
Richard Fisher I finished the down run last year and would like to come back and and finish the up to get the back to back medal.
Caroline Davids   Comrades 2013, here I come!
Zak Scholtz No comment
Charlotte Scott  No comment
Nicky Rheeder My first Comrades! All I want to do is finish in time. I am not worried about how fast. I just want to complete the run injury free!
Johann   I have to finish the up run after failing in 2011. I'm turning 50 this year so it is a great year for a finish. Hoping for sub 11:00 but sub 12:00 will be good as well!
Pumezo Gulwa committed to comrades 2013
Anna Maria Drouin i want/need to do it, i love the people, the children...i loved being called sister..the Zulu chanting
Neezaam Mohamed No comment
Cheryl Smit Followed the program 2012 and made it!  Back in 2013 for my back to back
Justine Katz   This will be my first Comrades :)
Charmiane Kruger  I did and completed my first Comrades in 2012.  I want to do it again this year 2013, so I can complete a back to back. Last year I had about 15min to spare, I would like to increase that time a little, but will be happy with a finish.
Jelitte Fritz Im looking forward to my 1st ever COMRADES and yet so nervous!
Gaye Thorpe   I am running comrades again. Thanks to your 2012 program I made it - only just but made it none the less.
Simbai Chimhundu  I am committed to finishing the Comrades Marathon within 11 hours.

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