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As a runner you need to be able to look after yourself out on the road.  In my home we refer to it as the “every man for himself” attitude. 

On Comrades day you can’t/should not rely on anyone else.  You need to be self sufficient.  You can’t rely on your “support crew” being at a particular spot at a specific time.  You are going to need to make a fast plan if your ‘seconds’ aren’t where you expected them to be.  This can stress you out and have a negative impact on your race plan.  This will result in you having to “play the hand you are dealt”!  Hopefully you paid attention to that lesson and you are able to make a plan! 

Back to being self sufficient.  If there is anything special you need during your race, you need to carry it yourself.  Goody bags are great for that!  (ie. The “physical” goody bag as opposed to the “mental” goody bag.  See my page on the “Physical Goody bag” for more information on its contents.  You need to be able to take care of yourself out there.  Yes, there are certain items you can “bum” from your fellow competitors, and you may be able to get other stuff from spectators on the side of the road.  There is an amount of give and take out there amongst your fellow runners but it is not guaranteed.

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