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It will appear that you are living out of your tog bag with all the training you are doing in your build up to the Comrades Marathon!  It is a good idea to invest in some quality running gear to see you through this period.

Here follows a run down of gear I deem necessary.

T-shirts and long sleeve tops:
This is easy.  I have loads of t-shirts that I have accumulated over all my year’s of running.  I’m pretty comfortable with them.  There are however some great moisture management tops on the market, and well worth the investment.  Capestorm have some great tops.  Their long-sleeved “vapour trail” is a hit! 

Running shorts:
My personal opinion.  Polly shorts are a sporting fashion faux pas and border on pornographic!  Won’t catch me running in them!
What is essential is decent running shorts.  I discovered Capestorm’s A3 shorts in 2002 and have not looked back since!  They are a longer short with a great zipped pocket on the right front which is perfect for keeping squeezies, keys, tissues, money etc.  I have not found any other brand of shorts that come close.  They hide the ‘wobbly bits’ and are much more practical when needing to go ‘legs up’ in the club tent after a hard run.  The A3’s have built-in inners so there is no need to wear knickers although a lot of girls still do, I guess more for that feeling of security.  I’m more than happy with the built-in brooks!

Crop tops (for the ladies):
I am one of them gals that can ‘shake what her mama gave her’!  I require a firm crop top to keep them hooters in place.  I have had various success with Triumph’s “shock absorbers” but have recently discovered an American brand of sports gear called “Under Armour”.  Pretty expensive (R350) for a crop top but well worth it!  Whatever you do, avoid buying anything white as they don’t ‘wash’ well and they look disgusting after a while.

Running jacket:
A must have for the Cape winter is a Capestorm slipstream jacket.  This will keep you warm and protect you from the elements.  It is windproof, water repellent and fully breathable.  I have been using my top for the past 8 years and it is still in good nick.  Well worth investing in one. A practical feature of this jacket is that is is bright coloured (yellow with blue trimming) and has reflective tape on it which makes it's wearer very visible on the road. Capestorm also offer a helium jacket which is a pretty good buy.  I have one of those as well!  Both these jackets are easy to tie around your waist when you are feeling too warm.

Motion tights:
OK so I don’t look great in tights but who cares!  They work well when the conditions are cruel.  Even Andy, my hubby owns a pair and has worn them on occasion.  Another reason to own a pair of running tights is that they are useful to wear when nursing a hamstring or quad injury that requires some compression. 

Cap, beanie or buff:
Caps, beanies or buffs work well in cold weather.  Remember, heat escapes through your head so keeping it covered helps keep the heat in.  I wear a breathable cap irrespective of the weather.  In cold weather, it keeps the heat in, in warmer weather, it keeps the sun off my head.

These are cotton and you can get them at Sportsmans Warehouse for about R8 a pair.  They work well enough and you won’t feel bad if you lose them or have to discard them during a run.  They are great for cold weather running.  Again, heat escapes form your extremities so if you can keep them covered, you have a better chance of staying warm.

Look out for news of Capestorm sales.  You will definitely get some great bargains!

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