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Raymond Malan

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Raymond Malan, 26137
. . . the "bust" bus story

I was my 1st Comrades, what a experience!!! I went in with a open mind, 1st objective was to finish, strongly, and secondly, to try and run sub 9. All went well untill 10km before Drummonds, where our sub 9 bus collided with 2 other sub 9 busses.  This led to some sort of Bus-Driver Ego, something, I don't know what to call it.  Long story short, the bus shattered in 100 pieces, and the rest was history.

I hung on and kept in touch with the remainder of the sub 9 "minibus".  30 to go, the pain became something of a horror. I started loosing pace and my km splits fell by the wayside.

Selfimprovement - for down and up: do cross training (spinning/cycling) and 2nd alternative weekend long runs to be more focused, time wise.

My time was 9:56.34, position: 3923.  The Bill Rowan cutt-off was when I was at the top of Polly's.

Thank you once again!!
Long Live Comrades!!

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