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One thing is for certain, you cannot predict what is going to happen on race day.  You have no control over the weather or over the route.  You cannot know how you will feel when you wake up on the morning of the run. 

The thing is, you need to learn to play the hand you’re dealt.  Why am I using this particular analogy?  Well because it is one that is easily related to.  In poker, you don’t need the best hand to win the game but you do need to play your hand well!  How often do you see players folding because they think they can’t win?  How often does the weakest hand win because all those around have folded? 

In running you need to deal with the heat, the cold, the rain, the wind.  You need to deal with water tables running out of water or coke.  You need to learn to be self sufficient if you have to.  You need to deal with bad luck injuries along the way, with cramps, with bad guts.  You need to accept whatever challenge is thrown your way and do your best to overcome it in a positive manner.  In short, you need to play the hand you’re dealt.

Key words: play the hand you’re dealt
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