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My definition of “owning an idea” is when you recognise an idea and ‘place’ it into your head for future use.  This idea then stays in your head where you ‘entertain’ it periodically until you feel the time is right to take it out of your head and work at making it happen.  It is something you see as a possibility as opposed to just wishful thinking.  If that makes any sense to you!  In other words, something you set your sights on doing sometime later in life!

So if you have held the idea that one day you would like to run the Comrades Marathon you are already on the road to running it (pun intended).  If you have never run before, keep owning the idea, the time is not yet right.  If you are already running and are up to the marathon distance (42.2km), it is time to make running the Comrades Marathon a reality!  Running the Comrades Marathon doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t come cheap, it will cost you much in mental and physical preparation, but it is VERY doable, so long as you “buy into the programme” so to speak.  Following a training programme will help you to keep the focus.

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