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What do I mean by “no baggage allowed”?  Figuratively speaking, you can’t be carrying baggage with you on the day you run Comrades!  On race day you need to be fully focussed on the task ahead.  You cannot afford to be distracted by ‘baggage’.  By baggage I mean unresolved issues, distractions, worries and such.  I will go as far as to say that bringing ‘young children’ with can be very distracting if they are still very dependent on you, especially from an emotional point of view.  Please believe me that I am very family orientated and ‘that’ exactly can be the problem on race day.  All of a sudden you will find yourself needing to go from ‘Comrades runner’ to ‘Comrades parent’.  It becomes a maternal/paternal thing and there is a good chance of your game plan going out the window!  I do have a clubmate however, who has managed to balance been mom to a toddler and finishing Comrades on the same day.  I could only stare at her with admiration - she had barely finished the race when she was up and down the stairs at Kingsmead looking out for her little boy.  Hats off to you Sarah!

I make a point of trying to resolve all issues I might have before I get on the plane for Durban.  It is hard enough focussing on the day without having the extra burden of worry on my shoulders.  The only baggage you should be taking to Durban is the suitcase you check onto the plane!  

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