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Like it or not, your mental strength probably accounts for at least 75% of your race on Comrades day.  Yes, you are in "show room" condition, you're fit and you're well trained, but can you put it all together and be successful on the day?  Only if your mental strength is up to scratch!  Mental strength is achieved through mental preparation. Keep reading!

In terms of my own running, my mental strength is my best running attribute!  With a serious lack of natural ability, a less than graceful build (OK so God has a sense of humour!) and no sporting genes to speak of, I am pretty much left with fooling my mind into believing I am what I am not! 

I have created a number of pages dedicated to Mental Preparation in my “Comrades, the ALSORAN way” website.  I have used simple phrases and clichés to get my point across.  Please realise that everything I write about is drawn from my own experiences and the experiences of a few close friends that I have had the privilege of training and running with.  This is my perspective and I am just “putting it out there” so to speak.  You may disagree with me on a number of points and that is OK, the thing is, they have all worked for me! 

I hope you find this information useful.  Feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you think.

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