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My page entitled “Bad runs are good runs” makes mention of the mental goody bag on a number of occasions.  This goody bag is a space reserved for running experiences somewhere in our heads.  OK so I’m not a brain specialist or head shrink but work with me on this one.  There is a space somewhere in our psyche for useful information which we are able to retrieve when we recognise the need to. 

There are many names for the goody bag.  Some running folk use the term “in the bag” or “one for the bag”.  My Fish Hoek AC club mate, Jim Harwood (30 Comrades medals) refers to the goody bag as the “cookie jar”.  Whatever you call it, just make sure you use it! 

In “Bad runs are good runs” I explain how to gather the information relating to a “bad run” and storing it in the goody bag.  Basically it boils down to “owning the situation”, looking at the reasons for the said situation and the way you survived the run.  The thing is, bad runs are not the only thing we store in the goody bag!  Remember the buffet table analogy?  Use the goody bag to store the applicable information and experiences, good and bad, that you have gained through your training for Comrades

On race day you will be able to tap into your goody bag and you will feel confident that you have a solution to almost any problem!  Pretty useful stuff!

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