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Maxine Dorkin

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Maxine Dorkin, 11893

Hi everyone thank you for taking time to read about my Comrades journey.  Wow what a journey! For me this all began about 2 years ago when I had reached an all time weight gain high. I was a wopping 22kgs overweight. Yes you read that right 22kgs.! I joined weigh-less and began the slow but steady journey down weight loss street. About 4 months into the programme and 10kgs or so lighter I started cycling and spinning. I so loved it. I completed the 94.7 Cycle Challenge here in Johannesburg and reached goal weight 22kgs lighter in November 2010 – weighing 59kg’s yeah!!!. I felt the fittest strongest ever and needed a new challenge. So the Comrades itchy  feeling begins for me. I need to add that I’m really a Comrades baby – my Dad started running Comrades in 1974 and this will be his 35th Comrades!!! Can you believe it 35 successive runs – what a legend - Tommy Neitski - 1689. Well done Dad!! So we’ve been out watching the race  and seconding my Dad since I was 2 years old. What an inspiration my Dad has been.

So I had this dream to run the Comrades. Now that I was all lean and relatively fit – I thought now or never. I entered just days before the Nov 2010 deadline and got to training. I have to say the training for Comrades especially April/May was much harder than the actual race. But I hardl missed a training day in the 6 or so months that it took me to get ready. The consistent slow build up really worked for.  My Dad came up from Durban and spent some time in Johannesburg training with me.  I just simply love running – it’s been a phenomenal journey.

Okay to get back to the story and to cut a long story short. (Cos as you can gather I can get a bit long winded!) I had a fabulous day out running my first Comrades. I met so many awesome people. Made this friend Carrie from the USA also a novice she was so into taking pics of all the big hills we passed. It was quite funny - my Dad had to remind us to keep moving – this was actually a race. The support was phenomenal – I remembered to smile and thank the people for the support Nicky. You’re right it gives you energy.  I got quite nauseous in the first half though and was slowed down quite a bit. Took Nicky’s advice of an Eno and that seemed to do the trick. But by now we were quite off pace – but just kept edging our way slowly to PMB. My Dad ran all the way with me and we ran with the Power/Energy bus in the second half. It was my Dad’s slowest Comrades in 35 years – what a sacrifice to get me to the finish line. Thanks Dad… I was quite exhausted going up Polly’s and walked jogged really slowly the last 8kms or so. Got in at 11h56!!! Thank you Lord! I can’t wait for next year. The best part for me is that a part from a bit of stiffness the next day – I had no pain or cramps or anything at all. I need to ask Don about my sore mouth though. After the race the roof of my mouth was sore for some strange reason?? I keep thinking I should feel a bit sore somewhere in my legs or thighs - but it was a really pleasant experience. It was definitely very tough and tiring but an overall enjoyable experience. The slow gentle training and all the marathons and long runs all paid off big time. I read my commitment note on the brave heart wall from last year and it states to finish Comrades injury free – Mission Accomplished!!! After a bit of rest the next order of the day is to work on a bit of speed work for next year. I really don’t want to cut my finish as fine as I did this year!! The Comrades bug has bitten me big time!!

Happy rest for now.

Take care everyone!

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