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Marietjie Williams

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Comrade 46660
Marietjie Williams - Novice

As a novice runner Comrades was all I thought about for about 3 weeks before the actual run.  I was just visualising how I would get through the pain, maintain mental stability and obviously how I would push myself to finish. This was a dream of mine since I can remember and at the age of 25 it came true.

The starting line was electrifying but also scary - not knowing what lies ahead of me. Fortunately we drove the route the previous day so I knew where I will be needing some extra energy. Thanx to Vlam I manage to finish as my knee started to pain by first cut off.  I joined them and ran Thousand Hills with them - and then the scary thing happened - I lost them at 18kms to go and final cut off was about an hour and 30 mins away. Somehow I found the strength and mental stability to keep going. With 3kms to go, 30 mins from the finishing line I was down and out and ready to give up.  Not even the fact that I have already done about 86kms could motivate me. My boyfriend, Izak, was the one who said to me just keep going - you will make it.  I was so dehydrated and there was no water tables left - even though I drank enough liquids through out the day my body was calling time out.
With less than 1km to go, I could hear the crowd and that was when I realised you need to make it and you can make it . . . you have come so far - you are not going to lose out on a medal.
Entering Kingsmead was my highlight of Comrades - thousands of people just cheering you on as the time is ticking very fast . . . going over that finishing line one can not explain to any other non-Comrades runner . . . its just simply the best!
I would like to thank you guys as your website prepared me so much for what I can expect. And to all novice runners - it's important to be in good mental condition, not the hundreds of kms on your legs - that is what helped me to finish - I never once doubted myself.  Having the locals just cheering us on in that last 18 kms to go was amazing and I salute them - standing all day there just to support all the runners. . . it was a job well done.
I am still deciding on Comrades 2011 but with all the buzz that is starting again I am sure I will be back for my first up run.
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