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Comrade Green Number 9369
Kenny Williams (28 Medals)

In 2007 I lined up for the down run having sat the last minute decided to run in my older shoes as I was scared of developing blisters with the new pair.  After running about 3 km I am not sure what made me look down and to my horror realised that my championchip was in my wife’s car on my new shoes and she was 30 km down on the Comrades  route.  I ran back to the start and asked a spectator if I could use his cell phone to phone my wife.  She raced back to Maritzburg getting a ticket on the way and I was ready to run about half an hour after the official start.  As luck would have it the mats at the start  had already been removed so I had to find an official to verify my start.   I then got lost in Maritzburg and eventually after a few wrong turns spotted the last runner (but one) about to run down Polly Shorts.

The story made a Durban newspaper and having to come from the back I came across all the Pinelands runners which was quite embarrassing.  At out first club night I was given an award for the biggest DOF in the club.  I also received the award for being the first Pinelands runner home in the Comrades.  No-one has ever mentioned the second trophy but even complete strangers have reminded me of the first trophy.

I will be doing my 29th Comrades next year but I have much to learn and my wife and all my friends continually remind me to check for my Championchip.

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