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Unfortunately, injuries do plague us from time to time and it does cause havoc with our training.  I have been fortunate in my years of running that the injuries I have had, have not been too serious as to prevent me from starting and finishing a race.  This is mainly thanks to my incredible ‘support team’ at the Sport Injuries Clinic at the University of Cape Town headed up by Helene Simpson. 

I consider injuries to fall into one of 4 categories namely:

Environmental injuries Injuries related to running surfaces and conditions eg. Camber, downhill running, trail running
Shoes:  Injuries caused by wearing the incorrect shoes.  See my page on good shoes
Stupidity Over doing it on a run when there is no need to!
Bad luck: A totally unrelated injury ie. slipping on a floor, stepping into a pot hole

Some basic injury advice:
  • You can't run an injury away!  They don't just get better.  
  • Have niggles seen to when they are just that, niggles
  • When do I apply HEAT and when do I apply ICE?  The simple rule of thumb is this.  Apply heat before (that is, literally warming up the muscle before use) and ICE after exercise.
  • When dealing with an injury, remember the RICE acronym.
    R = Rest
    I = Ice
    C = Compression
    E = Elevation
  • To prevent injury, warm up or stretch before training
I will share my injury experiences with you in the hope that you will learn something from them.  So here goes . . .

My hamstring injuries
Ankle injuries
A Bust gut (hernia)
Quad injuries
Physiotherapy (or manage the damage)

I asked my friend Gail Mclellan, a fellow alsoran runner, to put pen to paper and write about her injuries and how she has managed to overcome them.  What follows is a very interesting perspective to managing and dealing with injuries.  

Running Injuries: my coping mechanism

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