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I have attended numerous Comrades talks given by Don Oliver.  One of the things Don always brings up when discussing training days is that you will get injured and you will get sick.  In fact, Don has shown when “calculating” distance to run and training days left, that he always caters to these two facts (injury and illness).  I’m not sure off hand but I think he gives one week off for each of these occurrences.

There are a few points to consider about illness and injury.

1.    Use your neck as your guideline. 

Above the neck illnesses like colds, sinusitis and hayfever are OK to run with.  Just take things easy.  Don’t push yourself.  Your body is working in ‘safe-mode’.
If your illness has spread to below the neck line, that is fever, flu, sore body and muscles – DO NOT RUN!

2.    You cannot catch up what you have missed.

Let it go.  Don’t worry about it.  Just continue on with your training when you are well enough to do so.  This applies to both illness and injury.

3.    Have the flu shot at the beginning of March.

I have had one every year since 2000 and have not had the flu since.  You may feel a little under the weather for a day or two afterwards but it will save you in the end.  Nothing can be worse than training for 6 months and then getting the flu a week before Comrades.

4.    Don’t run Comrades if you have the flu unless you have a death wish.

5.    Take Vitamin C!  Take Corenza C if you feel something developing.  Usually 2 days of Corenza C         will put you back on track.

6.    Take Rehydrate if you have had gastro in the days leading up to Comrades.  This works!

7.    If you have been injured or sick during your Comrades training, you may need to adjust the goal        posts ie. Bill Rowan to Bronze, Bronze to Vic Clapham.

Being "sick of running" is something entirely different!  You can take the “shut up and run” approach or you can take a “mental health” day to restore your enthusiasm.  It depends of the severity.

Stay positive!

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