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A Green number (aka permanent number) is awarded in perpetuity to participants who have managed the feat of successfully completing 10 Comrades Marathons.  These finishes do not need to be consecutive.  In fact, some runners have taken twice as many years to achieve this!  Stating the obvious, on race day, runners doing their 11th or subsequent runs wear a green race number.  Runners doing their 10th run (going for their green number) wear a yellow race number to distinguish them from the rest of the running field.  Runners wearing this yellow number get fantastic support from their fellow runners and supporters.  Immediately after completion of a runner’s 10th run, they are guided into the Green Number Club where a Comrades “Legend” will present them with their green number.  Photographs are taken to capture this special moment.  I clearly remember posing for photographs with my green number – the photographer didn’t need to tell me to smile!

Nikki Campbell green number
Don Oliver (left) and Ian Little (right) presenting Nikki Campbell (middle)
with her permanent number, 18595

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