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As you get into your Comrades training you will soon realise that you have two types of friends, namely your Comrades friends and your other friends.  For the duration of your training it might be a good idea to stick with the Comrades friends.  Why?  Well you need to be in the company of like minded people.  Your Comrades friends will understand when you need to leave a party at 9.30pm because you are running in the morning.  I’m not so sure about your other friends!  I think it is tougher when you are the only one running the Comrades in your family.  You need to get the rest of your family to also ‘buy into the programme so to speak.  In my family, both me and my husband train for Comrades so it does make things a lot easier as we are both on the same page.  Our daughters, Heather and Shannon, have been a part of our Comrades preparations since 1998 so they are pretty experience Comrades ‘support crew’.  As a Comrades runner in training you will need to ‘buy some credit’ with your family as they are not always going to be thrilled to have to go along with your training plans week after week.  Running Comrades is a give and take affair where family is concerned.  Part of the payback our girls get is that we include them in our Durban plans.  That way they get to have a bit of a holiday (miss a few days of school – BONUS!!!) and at the same time we have the support of our nearest and dearest on race day.  It doesn’t get better than that!

An update to this page!

I am very proud to be able to report our running way of life has rubbed off on Heather, our oldest daughter.  At 20, she was the youngest starter in this year's Comrades (2010).

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