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Floricius Beukes

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Comrade 58193
Floricius Beukes - Novice

My race was fine, and the battling only started in Pinetown …. I was just outside Durban, when I decide to walk to the end, hoping and praying for a sub 12, then someone 
(that I’ve never seen in my life) shouted "you can do it, if you go at 8 min per ‘k…"   I did not know what he was talking about, because by that time the Maths was out the window!   I walked all the way right into the city to where you can see the thoroughfare (glass crossover).   It was then when I heard a noise and realized that it was the sub 11 bus that was sneaking up on me.  It was like a second breath to me, I just prayed, loud and thanked GOD, and start sprinting, for the last +/- 2 km and ran as fast as I could.  Outside the station, I had to stop because I could not find my banner that my wife left for me.  I got it and finished.   I walked to our hotel, got into our car and went to North beach for a swim and a walk on the beach with my wife. I went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  It was only then when I realized there was something wrong, my urine was brown …almost black. My wife took me to the hospital and that’s where they kept me till the next day.

That’s my war story

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