Dare to run
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Dare to run is the inspiring story of Amit and Neepa Sheth, a husband-wife duo who took up running as a sport in their late 30s. In this collection of essays written over five years, Amit, a self acclaimed couch potato takes us long with him on an incredible journey of determination, discovery, courage, self-awareness and self-belief. He takes us with him from his first, almost fatal, 200 meter jog on a beach in Mumbai, to the finish line of The Ultimate Human Race: the 89 km Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa. Along the way, Amit uses a combination of poetry, philosophy and scriptures to explain his unique perspective on life, religion, spirituality and running. This is a book not just about running but about the need to relentlessly follow your dreams and passions, no matter what they may be. It is a book which encourages you to be the best you can be in all walks of life while at the same time maintaining a certain sense of balance and appreciation for the beauty of existence. It encourages you to enjoy the gift of life to its fullest. The essays describe the journey of an ordinary husband-wife team doing extraordinary feasts, while having to balance family, work, training and injuries. This is a book from which a novice runner will draw inspiration and motivation and it also a book in which an elite athlete will recognize his own strengths and weaknesses. It describes how ordinary people push the limits of their ability to achieve their goals, passions and dreams and it will inspire the reader to do the same. It is a book to be read not only by those who run but those who desire to run. It is a book which dares you to run.
What runners had to say about this book

"Read this book if you want to run - and think you can't.  Read this book if you already run and want to understand why. Read this book if you want to take your running to the next level." - Lisa Jackson, UK, Ultra Marathoner.

" A book not only for the grizzeled veterans or newbies but also for those who have yet to lace up their first pair of running shoes."  - Alyn Park and Jay Wissot, USA. Seven Continent Runners Club

A wonderfully written account of battles won and lost, paid for with passion, determination, love and a small amount of craziness!  Amit has not only "dared to run" - he has managed to take us along with him." - Nikki Campbell, South Africa, 13 Comrades Medals.

Amit's essays are about determination, discovery, courage, self-awareness and the joy and pain of running. They reflect on testing and pushing your limits, conquering your fears, and on the incredible spirit of community found amongst runners. And most of all, they are truly inspiring and a fun read.”  - Andrea Moritz, Canada, Ultra Marathoner, Comrades Int'l Ambassador.

Amit writes as the 'everyman' of running, having to balance family, work, training and injuries. He shares insights that provide motivation and strength to stretch targets and open possibilities of achievement.”   - Steven Weeks, USA, Ultra Marathoner, Tri-athlete, Comrades Runner.

This book is a spiritual journey of self-belief, courage, discipline, determination, dreams and discovery.
A labour of love. A gold medal performance. Thank you Amit!” - Fillipo Faralla, South Africa, 16 Comrades Marathons.