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Catherine Hishin - Novice

9 MONTHS . . .

The ‘Comrades seed’ was planted at the 2009 Four Hills for Lindsay training run after cooking one too many potatoes for a seconding table I was manning.  I think I can attribute this decision partly to Lindsay’s Comrades spirit and partly on ‘all that is Fish Hoek Athletic Club’.

The first trimester gets underway with me finding a reliable doctor.  Is it going to be Dr Don or Dr Official Comrades Program.  My due date is the 29 May 2010.  My intention now is to keep quiet for the first three months to make sure the ‘Comrades seed’ sticks, but at my first Comrades meeting, an experienced runner who completed his 10th Comrades in 2009 says I must spread the word, tell as many people as possible – reality strikes!

Second trimester the ‘pre-natal’ classes begin, flights booked, accommodation paid and logistics sorted.  All the arrangements are made by a very kind GP (green perhaps).  All I had to do was follow Dr Don’s wise words and numbers.

Third trimester.  I feel an unfamiliar movement…… in my foot.  Bed rest (not quite) and feet up for the month of March.  I will not panic!  Sadly missing the Smitswinkel training run and very graciously spectating my fellow runners at the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon.  Quickly get back on track with Dr Don and complete the Four Hills for Lindsay training run… where it all began!  My due date was rapidly approaching, I was slowing down and getting fat.

I could write pages about the six days in Durban and special people I shared the journey with, but the labour must start and so it does at 5.30am on the 29 May 2010.  As with anyone who has been on the 9 month road before, you hear lots of post labour stories, especially the gruesome ones but I must say I had a good day.  I had an excellent breathing partner who held my hand for 50km.  I had pain relief, which I vowed I wouldn’t need but sod it!  And so after a relatively long labour of 10.52 hours, my ‘Comrades 2010’ was born.

I do not have aspirations of being like the The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe and her many, many children, but I also do not intend having a single child family.

Here’s to Comrades 2011

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