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The buffet table analogy best describes the information that is out there and available to those planning to run the Comrades Marathon.

Stand in a group of Comrades runners and you will battle to keep them quiet.  Everyone has a story to relate.  Everyone will give you advice about what to do and what not to do on a whole range of Comrades topics.  Picture yourself standing in front of a buffet table.  All manner of food is available but do you eat everything?  NO!  You take a bit of this and a bit of that, you skip certain foods totally and you load up on your favourites.  You need to learn to do the same with all the well meant advice that will be thrown your way during your training for Comrades.  The person sharing information may be a Comrades silver medallist.  His/her advice is not going to be helpful to you unless you to are planning to run silver!  Try and select information that you feel will be of benefit to you.  You can discard the rest of the information or store it at the back of your head (the proverbial goody bag). 

There will be plenty of information that you will find relevant, some of which you can start putting to the test.  Remember, you must believe in yourself!

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