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Arthur’s Seat is situated just before Drummond/half way on the Up Run and just after Drummond/half way on the Down Run.  It is literally a “hole” that has been cut out of the bank and is reputed to be a favourite “resting spot” for Arthur Newton, a 5 times winner of the Comrades.  Legend has it that runners who greet Arthur and place a flower in his “seat” will have a good second half. 

So the challenge for runners on race day is to find a flower along route fairly close to Arthur’s Seat in order to pay the necessary respect. In 2011 on the Up Run the refreshment table just before Arthur's Seat handed out roses to all the runners for this purpose. On a down run, there is quite a lot of Bougainvillea growing on route at the bottom of Inchanga.  I usually make a quick detour to the side of the road and pick a twig or two.  I carry this with me through half way and drop off for Arthur with a greeting of “morning Arthur”.  I have also taken to dropping a flower above Lindsay Weight’s Wall of Honour plaque as I go by.  This wall is situated about 150 metres from Arthur’s Seat.

Hey, I need all the help I can get so have followed this tradition faithfully for the past 14 years.  I am pleased to report that I have been successful in all of my Comrades runs.  As for having a good second half – I have run negative splits in at least 5 of these runs.

So the question is – are you prepared to risk not following this tradition? 

Use it/Don’t use it!

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