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Advertising on the Alsoran runners website:
This website is a labour of love.  Neither Don nor myself receive anything for our efforts.  The advice offered on this website is provided free of charge.  There are however costs involved in the renewal of the domain name ( and annual hosting of the website.  To date, these costs have been covered by myself.  I have kept things very simple by using free web design software but would like to be able to improve on this by using more current and reputable software – all of which costs! 

With these cost implications, I am looking to offer advertising opportunities to interested parties.  Having said this,we would like to follow a less formal approach to advertising as we would like to keep this website much the way it is where we answer to our readers rather than to our advertisers.  So, for a donation you are welcome to place an advertisement or link on the website.  We do however, reserve the right to remove unsuitable content or links should need be.  

The website has grown in popularity since its inception in October 2008.  To date we have had over 44000 visits (205242 page views) from 19000+ visitors to the Alsoranrunners website (Google Analytics).  The majority of visitors to this website are from South Africa (76%), a further 24% are from overseas. 

The advertising I have in mind is simply an image (your logo/company logo) with a URL link to your personal/company website.  However, if you would like your own “advertising page” on the Alsoranrunner website, I would be happy to discuss this possibility with you too. 

Friends of Alsoranrunners Roll of Honour:
If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of this website in your own capacity, however small that may be, that would also be great and will be accepted graciously.  Friends of Alsoranrunners (those supporting the website in their private capacity) will have their names added to our Honour Wall

Interested?  Please drop me an email at for more details. 

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