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September 2017
Training Programme for Comrades 2017

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Where are we now? 

We ask this same question each and every month. Apart from a reduction of days left we check out as a runner where we should be if we are aiming for a 2018 Comrades bronze medal. There is a generous 282 days to go which works out close to 9months.Enough time to make a baby but the pain for your dream of a Comrades medal is a lot more. .Early days yet but you should be getting used to the regular training as winter comes to an end. Four days a week running and going to races twice a month to show you can consistently meet this month’s objective of running 20km training run under 2hrs 30 mins. Avoid the first trap of finding things so ridiculously easy that you slip in another two days training on the road and make the first mistake. Your body muscles bones and ligaments take time to adjust to the new retain. If you try to speed it up you get injured and that is always a tough situation to handle for mind and body. This programme you have embarked on is designed to remain injury free while at the same time becoming stronger.

The first major objective is to enter and complete the RAC Tough One 32km on November 26th 2017. It is suitable for a down Run as regards the nature of the course embracing several long downhill sections. Much like Comrades. It attracts a big field to give you experience of these conditions to a novice such as crowded starts, pacing and pre-race preparations. One big lesson to learn is to avoid doing too much too soon and as a result our training this month will not suddenly take a surge just because the weather is getter kinder. September will remain a 4 day running week with a slight increase in kms for the week. Only in October are you planning to run your first 21km race in preparation for the 32kms at the end of November. The emphasis this month must be on running the races and training just a little bit faster before we increase the distance and slow down just a touch. That is a rule right through the training programme:” As the distance increases the speed decreases”. You will be running a 21km that as you get fitter and more experienced at the races you will be covering longer distances for no more effort. Racing over 32km will be a slightly slower pace than your 15km and 10km race speed.

We are setting a pretty big target of the RAC Tough One 32km but we have generous nearly 3 month to prepare. The race date is Saturday November 26th2017.The cardinal rule for all of us is to only enter road races that we are properly prepared for. We have almost 3months of gradual build up to prepare. Next month, October, you will be running two 21km road races.

On a Tuesday we introduce an 8km time trial which will remain in the programme up until Comrades next year. The time trial is not an all out effort to break records. It’s a tempo run where you run swiftly but not hard enough to get out of breath and gasp for air. It’s controlled running at your comfortable steady state, cruising speed. Run well within yourself and as time goes on you will run faster for the same effort. Use the time to get to make club friends and find out who you enjoy running with and are compatible for a long run on the road later on. Never chose someone faster than yourself. That will result in injury.

September 1st is the opening day for Comrades 2018 entries. You can enter now and pay and then complete your qualifying time before end of May 2018.The new finish is at the Moses Mabida Stadium this year and we are waiting for the new route measurement but it won’t be much different to the 89km we usually run. An early bird entry is R460 going up to R500 on 1st October.2017.This programme schedules a qualifying marathon in the last week in February. It is such an important marathon to get a good seeding and also the confidence that you can contemplate doing two standards back to back and another 5km fun run all on the same day, June 10th 2018. My job is to prepare you to do that comfortably

Training programme September 2017

Objective. To complete a 20km club run in less than 2hours 30minutes.
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
w/c 04/09/17 11/09/17 18/09/17 25/09/17
Tuesday 8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T  8km
Wednesday AE AE AE AE
Thursday 8km 8km 8km 8km
Friday 8km 8km 8km 8km
Sunday 10km race 10km race 20km  10km race
Total 34km 34km 44km 34km
Total km for September 2017 = 146 km

Recommended races;
September 10th 2017 10km The Colourful Run.Willowmore Park Benoni.
September 17th 2017 10kmGerald Fox Memorial Johannesburg Zoo.
October 1st 2017 10km Rainbow. Barnard Stadium, Kempton

Thought for the month: “I really feel I’m getting on with the job.”

Don Oliver
Cape Town
September 2017

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