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October 2016
Training Programme for Comrades 2017

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Where are we now? 

Just checking to see if you are in line for a Comrades medal in 2017. On October 1st you should be running regularly about 50km / week and running a short road race twice a month. You are training 4 days/ week at this stage. This month October you will lose a Rest Day and run 5 days/week. Your current racing speed is faster than  you expect to be running at Comrades. Still plenty of time to go; 248 days. That is a stern reminder that we must not be doing too much hard training at this stage. However you must continue with our gradual increase in training each month. Last month the objective was really quite easy and this month is not really bad either. We are moving up in distance to a 21km race but the rules are simple “As the distance increases the speed decreases.”  The target for the 15km road race was 97mins, which is equivalent to 6,46mins/km.  Our first attempt at a 21km race will be aiming at a target time of 2hrs 19mins, which is equivalent to 6,6mins/km. A half marathon is considerably longer than the 15km which only needed about an hour and a half to keep going. The half marathon will keep you on the road more than 2 1/4 hours. In our Comrades training we are always running either further or faster. I always ran a longer distance slower than my previous longest. In that way you run relaxed and confident that the pace is not too fast and you will have no trouble to handle the distance.

Look for a half marathon in your area and preferably go for one of the more popular races. That is all good practice for handling yourself on a big occasion in a big race with a big field. The popular choice must be the Gun Run on Sunday October 16th 2016 at Mouille Point, Cape Town. You must pre enter and carefully study the parking plans and the starting time to allow for adequate time to get to the start (0700hrs) with 45mins to spare. In the race drink well by taking some Coke or Powerade at each table and a sachet of water. You will be wearing your club colours and remember to pin on your age category badge. Running a big race you must study your recovery which can vary. At the finish have an energy drink or the recovery mixes that are available at the pharmacies and sports shops. Generally you always rest the day after a race and then run and walk gently until any sign of soreness in your legs has disappeared. Injuries usually are caused by running on tired and sore legs.

The 21km races are very much part of the Comrades training build up. You really must make sure you reach the objective for the month and you have 3 good chances to achieve that. If you are running better than our objective, exercise discipline to run just one of the races in 2hours 19mins. Teach yourself to run slower is an essential part of running Comrades in the first half. In this half marathon attempt to run exactly equal halves of the race. Each 10.5 kms in 1hour 10mins

Those of you who are battling to reach our objectives should try to walk less. Particularly at the drinks tables. Walking up the steep hills must be reduced to a walk/run formula to suit yourself. During the week just add a little more urgency to the training runs but do not in any way try to go too fast.

Here is your training programme for October.

Objective. To run a 21km road race in less than 2hrs 19mins.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4Week 5 
w/c 03/10/16 10/10/16 17/10/16 24/10/1631/10/16 
Tuesday 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T8km T/T
Wednesday 6km 6km 6km 6km6km
Thursday 10km 10km 10km 10km12km
Saturday 5km 5km 5km 5km6km
Sunday 21km race 21km race 20km 21km race22km
Total 50km 50km 49km 50km54km

Total kms for October 2016 = 253km. (Equivalent to 202km for a 4 week month)

Recommended races:
October 9th 2016.Superspar Chappies Challenge.Hout Bay
October 16th 2016 OUTsurance 94,5 KFM Gun Run .21km Cape Town Stadium.
October 30th Landmarks half marathon 21km. WPCC Sports Centre. Rondebosch.. 21km.

Thought for the month: “I really enjoy the excitement in the races”

Don Oliver
Cape Town
September 2016

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