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Where are we now?

33 days left to the big day.  Very nearly there and you have only two chances left of blowing the whole programme to bits. A first chance is not to Wind Down sensibly and arrives at the start tired. Second chance is more likely, to run unwisely on Race Day and fail to finish.

The wind down seems easy enough but it is actually quite difficult. The aim of the wind down is to allow the body and mind to recover from 5 months of overload. It is while you rest and recover that your fitness is developed. The tired tissues and muscles are repaired and replaced with stronger fibre. During that time all the aches and pains that you have been carrying for most of this year, suddenly fade away and are replaced with a sense of well being, energy and confidence. This new overly confident all conquering elite athlete wants to show herself/himself how well she/he can perform by doing must faster longer runs at a new level that he is totally unaccustomed to and injury and tiredness rapidly returns. The runners that have been harbouring self doubts about missing a few runs suddenly want to replace the kms lost within a couple of days. Resist any such ideas.

The wind down is a carefully honed slow progression of shorter run and less frequent running days. In this way we get stronger and are able to arrive at the start of Comrades, fresh, confident and raring to get out there and show them how well trained you are. You will be taking part in a few shorter races in this time and without any effort you will be posting very quick times. Never strain in May. It will just come naturally.

Conditioning the mind is necessary for everyone although some need more assurance than others. Look on the positive side about your very thorough preparations and dedicated training. Remember only the good runs you had either in training or in races. If you have followed 80% of this training programme you have done well. I can assure you that you are well prepared on local courses that are harder than parts of the Comrades route. You are known up country for being Mountain Goats; a term well earned going up and down every hill in W.P.  You must be better prepared than runners from the Free State for example.

Look back on your training log that will be similar to this;

January 243km Bay to Bay 30km
Red Hill 36km
February 269km Peninsula marathon 42km
March 353km Club training run 50km
Two Oceans 56km
April 283km Weskus marathon 42km
4 Hills for Lindsay 56km
May 150km
Year to date = 1148kms including 3 ultras and two standards.

Year to date = 1148kms including 3 ultras and two standards. You still have May 2013 to come which will be approximately 150km putting you up to 1400kms from Jan to June. That will equip you for a safe bronze in close to 10hours 45mins.

Please look at the Up Run Pacing Charts on our site and familiarise yourself with the hills and the slower second half. Walking up part of the registered hills is all built into the chart. Laminate it and pin it on to the waistband of your shorts. Check your progress every 10kms to go. No worries on Comrades Day. Well prepared and well equipped for the journey.

Here is the wind down programme for May 2013.   

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
w/c 06/05/13 13/05/13  20/05/13  27/05/13
Tuesday 8kmT/T 8kmT/T 8kmT/T 8km
Wednesday 8km 8km REST 6km
Thursday 10km 8km  8km  REST
Friday 8km  6km 6km  REST
Sunday 21km race 15km 10km Comrades 86km
Total 55km 45km 32km 14km

Total kms for May 2013 = 146km
Total kms January to June 2013 = 1294km

Recommended races;

May 12th 2013 Jive Slave Route Challenge 21km Darling Street. Cape Town

Thought for the month: "This is one medal I really deserve and I will make sure I get one!”

Don Oliver
Cape Town
April 2013

The Bill Rowan programme.

In this last Wind down month you must follow the principles as laid out in the C.G and W.P programmes for this month. However you must run a little bit faster this month in a relaxed and conservative manner. Allow a good week to recover for the Long Club Run and then run at your steady state speed in the next week following the kms in the May programme. The 21kms race must be aerobic not in any way getting out of breath. Expect a time of 1hour 45mins.The T/T should be an easy 36kmins.Have 3 REST days in Week 3.Have at least three days off before Comrades. Consult the Bill Rowan Pacing Chart on this website. Halfway in 4hrs 13mins and second half in 4hrs 37mins.  Very steady running with very little walking.    

Don Oliver
Cape Town

April 2013.

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