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March 2017
Training Programme for Comrades 2017

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Where are we now? 

96 days to go. Just a figure, so I will show you where you are in terms of the overall plan and the medal at the end of the rainbow. You have qualified with a standard marathon under 5hours at end of February. The job in hand right now is to recover from the marathon and build up to the 56km Two Oceans marathon on April 15th. To do that you are asked to run a standard and a 50km ultra. No complaints because you have just entered the 12 weeks hard training period where you will build up the most incredible stamina and endurance to carry you along the 87km Comrades route. Here is your very impressive hard work so far provided you complete this month’s programme:

Month   Total kilometres  Longest run
January 307km36km
February   267km  42km
March276km   42km +50km
Total ytd850km 50km
Target from Jan to June1400km  2 standards and 3 ultras
Outstanding balance    550km   2 ultras
Your plans for the outstanding balance are:
Two Oceans marathon April 15th
Belville to Hout bay 54km April 29th
Training Programme April 325km
May 180km

Total year to date Jan to June will be 1355km.

Your programme is in order for this time in your training. To help you through this hard training period you must be always be looking ahead. On the road today you must know what is on the menu for tomorrow and this weekend. That will encourage you to be cautious in your running and not strain and put too much effort in, knowing there is so much to come. The second feature of this programme at this stage is to run slowly after Oceans. Two Oceans is a big race and an impressive measurement performance for you. This race distance of 56kms requires running quite fast to meet your target times. Then, after Oceans you noticeably slow down to accommodate the extra distance. All your runs are designed and adjusted to feel comfortable and knowing that you can keep up this pace at the moment, all day. That is precisely what you will be; Keeping up that pace all day.

The next big target is Two Oceans 56km ultra on April 15th 2017. You will be running a couple of training runs in this month of March. Remember that Two Oceans is a very tough race and those of you hoping to get a bronze at Comrades will be aiming to get a bronze at Oceans in under 6hours. I classify that as a fast race. In contrast the Long Training Run on April 29th Belville to Hout Bay is a leisurely run including walks and stops along the way. However before starting Two Oceans you will need to prepare yourself properly by running a slow 50km training run after the standard qualifier and before the Two Oceans ultra. The date for that is March 11th 2017. The date and distance is published in last month’s training programme. The date is right being three weeks after the standard and three weeks before the 56km ultra. Absolutely perfect. For those runners who do not have their own club 50km run, there is a magnificent 50 km run organised by Wietse from Gordon’s Bay to Kleinmond.

The second long run before Oceans is a 42km marathon on March 26th, two weeks after the 50 km and 3 weeks before Oceans. 

Below there is a table to show the planned speed at Comrades( 1st Column) and the current speed need to run Oceans (3rd column).This shows you how this is your last fast run After this you can slow down to your Comrades pace most of the time.

Plans for speed at Comrades.
Comrades speed over 87km Medal.Current speed required
6,1m/kmBill Rowan5,5 mins/km over 56km; Two Oceans; 5hrs 10mins
7,5mins/km  Bronze  6,3mins/km over 56km,Two Oceans;5hrs 55mins
8,1mins/kmVic Clapham7,2mins/km over 56km,Two Oceans 6hrs 45mins

Here is your March Training Programme.

Objective: To complete two long training runs of 50km and 42km.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
w/c 06/03/17 13/03/17 20/03/17 27/03/17
Tuesday 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T
Wednesday 12km  10km  12km  10km 
Thursday 8km 8km 8km 10km
Friday 5km 8km 8km 8km
Saturday 50km  5km 5km  5km
Sunday REST 15km  42km 15km
Total 83km 54km 83km 56km
Total kilometres for March 2017 = 276km
Recommended races none.

Training runs:
March 11th 50km Wietse run Gordon’s Bay to Kleinmond

Thought for the month: “I am an ultra marathoner now and proud of it"

Don Oliver
Cape Town
March 2017

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