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January 2017
Training Programme for Comrades 2017

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Where are we now? 

156 days to go. Still a long time but things are hotting up. You are just beginning an 8 week build up to qualify in a standard marathon. The target race is the Pretoria Marathon on Saturday February 26th 2017. Best time to achieve is sub 4hours Seeding batch D, which will give you the best chance of getting a bronze medal on race day June 4th 2017.
To prepare for a standard marathon you need to run two runs of between 25km and 32km and train for approximately 60 -70km/week. That is the job for the first month of the New Year. Most of you ran the Tough One 32km in November and are now fully recovered. In the preparation for a standard you must start off running a 21km race faster than the pace you expect to run in the 32km and the 42km races. We have a rule for the ultra distance runners that you will join in March. It is “As the distance increases, the speed decreases.” So the 21km race this month will have to be one of your fastest runs for Comrades because you will run slower and slower as the races build up from 42km to 50km and 56km.
Let’s look at the speed you should be looking at in January. To do that we first look at the time we expect to do for the qualifier marathon at the end of February. From the results of Comrades I have got a record of how the runners finished comparing the medal category with the seeding grade. The seeding grades in Comrades for a 42km marathon are displayed and the number of bronze medals achieved. The most bronze medals are given out in Seeding batch D, so that is the qualifying time to aim for; sub 4hours which is a pace of 5,7mins/km    

Seeding grade Standard marathon timeNumber of bronze medallists
ASub 3hour 00mins  108
BSub 3hours 20mins   324
CSub 3hours 40mins  973
DSub 4hours 00mins  1492
EGreen numbers 358
FSub 4hours 20mins887
GSub 4hours 40mins 429
HSub 5hours 00mins134

Every race in January must be faster than 5,7mins/km. Your 21km times must all be under 2hours 00mins. The mid week training runs should be just under 6mins/km The 8km Time trial should now be 45mins.comfortably.

The training programme for January includes running for 6days /week now. Never miss the rest day because this is the one day where your body can recover and give the body a chance to repair the small damages that are caused by your regular running.

In January each year we draw up a menu of races to match the requirements of the Comrades Training 2 standard marathons and three ultras. Consult the www.runnersguide for the fixture lists. You are spoilt for choice in C.G and G.N. The other rule is to have only short 15km weekends run between standards and/or ultras. I have constructed two menus to meet the requirements.  If you can afford to go to Cape Town over Easter you opt for Menu 1. But if you have to stay at home you can follow Menu 2.

Menu 1.

Date  Race Distance
February 26th 2017Pretoria marathon 42km
March 18th 2017 Om- Die- Dam50km
April 2nd 2017Jackie Gibson/Alan Ferguson 42km
April 15th 2017  Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon56km
May 7th 2017 Long Club Run   60km

Menu 2.

Date  Race Distance
February 26th 2017Township Marathon 42km
March 21st 2017Goldi Standerton 42km
April 1st 2017    Arthur Creswell   52km
April 22nd 2017  Forever Resorts Loskop Ultra50km
May 7th 2017  Long Club Run  60km

Achieve your monthly objective and success will lead to success.
Here is your training programme for January 2017.

January 2017 Training Programme.

Objective. To run the Dischem 21km in less than 2hours 0mins and the Striders 32km in 3hours 02mins.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4Week 5 
w/c 02/01/17 09/01/17 16/01/17 23/01/1730/01/17
Tuesday 8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T 8km T/T 
Wednesday 10km  12km  12km 12km12km
Thursday 8km 8km 8km 8km8km
Friday 8km 8km 8km 8km8km
Saturday 5km 5km 5km 5km5km
Sunday 25km 21km race 32km race
Total 64km 62km 73km 56km71km

Total km for January 2017 = 326km (Equivalent to 260km for a 4 week month 

Recommended races.
January 15th 2017  Dischem 21 Bedfordview
January 22nd 2017 Striders 32 Springs.

Thought for the month: “I didn’t expect it to be eas

Don Oliver
Cape Town
December 2016

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