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Nikki Campbell and Don Oliver
Nikki Campbell and Don Oliver taking time out during a club training run

Don originally wrote his training programme for the runners of the Western Province but it soon became clear that there is a demand for a similar programme for runners based in Gauteng.  To this end, Don decided to adjust his WP programme and  he now provides a Gauteng  'flavoured' programme for those runners.

If you are from elsewhere in the country or from overseas, you can use either of the training programmes as a guide.  You will need to substitute Don's specified race with a local race in your area.

Click on either of these links for the desired programme.  Please note the programmes below run from August 2017 to June 2018

Don's Western Province Programme Don's Central Gauteng Programme
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Best of luck for the 2018 Comrades Down Run and become a winner in all you do.

Don Oliver
Cape Town

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