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December 2017
Training Programme for Comrades 2017

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Don Oliver's Training Programme

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Where are we now? 

Only 192 days to go. Over 6months so don’t worry yet but you are on the brink of big things out there when you start the serious stuff in January 2018. You must not do too much because you are on holiday and even worse, is to do too little because you are on holiday. There is a balance. First of all you will have to recover from the RAC Tough One 32km last weekend. This is an interesting exercise because from January to June at some time you will be recovering from a hard race. Close to every second week for 12 weeks. As a general rule you can only walk/jog while your legs are still sore. When the stiffness has gone you can start normal training according to the programme but at a slow pace. During this time you can ice sore muscles and restore electrolytes and protein to repair muscle damage. Any possible injury must be treated by a physiotherapist as first call. Use the time to reflect on poor race tactics such as starting too fast or too slow. Your performance on the hills both up and down hills. Drinking pattern sufficient to keep you hydrated and carbo loaded. Your peace of mind while running the long distance to experience frustration as to when it will ever end and the nature of the course. Any irritation from other runners regarding your conversation or lack of. To all the successful runners who finished comfortably and well within the time limit, well done and success breeds success. This is just one success of many you will enjoy next year.

December is therefore an important month for showing up your discipline and endurance. This month puts a strain on family and social responsibilities. Always be sensible about Christmas, school holidays and time with the family. Avoid being too obsessive about the running but balance your available time to achieve sound links with all areas. I had three children and over the annual family holiday to the South Coast of KZN, I would get up early to do my run and then devote the remainder of the day to wife and children. Worked out well. Made some mistakes over the years by finding the local running club and joining their hard training runs in the cane fields in high humidity. Some routes were torturous and I was sure they were used to test the stamina of the Vaalies!
A word of warning to make sure you enter the pre entry races well in advance because the major race entries this year fill up often within 48 hours.

To emphasise the importance of following the programme the guidelines that are always in place are:
  1. Increase your race distance by biteable bits and chewable chunks 21km to 32km to 42km to 50 km to 56km to 80km to 89km.
  2. After a standard marathon or ultra your longest run at the following weekend is only 15km.
  3. Never miss a REST DAY.
  4. From January 1st 2018 to June 9th 2018 the total distance of training and races should be not less than 800km and not more than1200km.
  5. A total of two standard marathons plus three ultra marathons should be run. Between January 1st and June 9th 2018
  6.  As the distance increases the speed decreases.

Here is your training programme for December 2017.

Objective: To run 208km by training regularly for 5days/week for 4 weeks.
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
w/c 04/12/17 11/12/17 18/12/17 25/12/17
Tuesday 8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T 
Wednesday 8km 8km 8km 8km
Thursday 10km 10km 10km 10km
Friday 8km 10km race 8km 8km
Saturday REST REST 10km REST
Sunday 20km  20km REST 20km
Total 54km 56km 44km 54km

Total kms for December 2017 = 208km

Recommended races:
December 16th 2017 The Hat Race. Greenside.

Thought for the month:  “I’m really looking forward to a challenging New Year”.

Don Oliver
Cape Town
November 2017

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