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December 2016
Training Programme for Comrades 2017

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Where are we now? 
187 days to go but more important “are you on track for a bronze medal” as you approach the end of the year. If you are running 5 times a week and have finished a 21km in close to 2hrs 6mins.then that is basically on track. Obviously you have entered the race and the 56km Two Oceans marathon over Easter. You should be feeling at this stage that you can handle the pressure and the kms. Pressure comes from thinking about the longer distances in the races and the build up that is coming from January 1st.2017. Don’t worry about what is coming. You should be feeling confident and excited about the training and races you have done so far this year. If you feel good about what you have done so far this year you need to have no fears about next year. Your speed and stamina should give you about 2hrs 06mins for a half marathon. You need to be able to run that fast at this stage so you can run slower as the race distance increases next year.

December can be a difficult month for deciding how far and fast to run. Looming in the very near distance is the Bay to Bay 30km and two weeks later the 36km Red Hill Classic. Holidays are around the corner and the temptation is to run too far and too often to ensure you can handle the 30km race on January 8th 2017. Beware of this first trap for Comrades novices that is; to arrive feeling over trained and tired on January 1st 2017. This programme will avoid this trap by doing just two 25km club relaxed training runs during December. On top of the regular running you have been doing since the winter in July, you will be strong enough for the January races. Enjoy the food and family over Christmas; you will need their support next year.

The die-hard Comrades runners say,” Enjoy Christmas with the family because this is the last they will see of you until June.” Not true. Runners need the support of their families and without them you will probably won’t be successful. The reverse applies as well; they need you just as much.

December is a big planning month for 2017. Here is the basic outline of your Comrades training programme:
  • Overall run 1400km from January 1st 2017 to June 4th 2017.
  • Include two standard marathons and three ultras in this total.
The timing schedule is:
  • Phase 1: Build up to a standard marathon and qualify at Peninsula Marathon in February 2017 = 8 weeks
  • Phase 2: Hard training into the ultras until May 1st 2017 = 9 weeks.
  • Phase 3: Wind down until June 3rd 2017 = 4 weeks.
Total Comrades training is 21 weeks.

Comrades training programme for December 2016.

Objective: To complete two 25km club runs in preparation for January 2017

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
w/c 05/12/16 12/12/16 19/12/16 26/12/16
Monday REST REST REST 16km race
Tuesday 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T REST
Wednesday 8km 8km 8km 8km
Thursday 10km 12km 10km 10km
Friday 8km 8km 8km 8km
Saturday 10km race 8km  8km 25km
Sunday REST 25km Christmas Day REST 
Total 44km 69km 42km 67km
Total km for December 2016 = 222km

Recommended races.
December 10th  Avbob 15km Table View.
December 26th  Tokai Manor House Run.16km. Chrysalis Academy.

Thought for the month: "I am going to enjoy Christmas and especially the New Year.”

Don Oliver
Cape Town
November 2016

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