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December 2011
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Where are we now? 

184 day to go and the first 31 of these is a holiday month.  If you read the CG article, you will realise that you will be very soon flooded out with new faces, new legs and even better new running talk.

Our rules, for us locals who are doing Comrades for the first time, are basically the same as for CG, that is reel in your running, having time off when needed and no road race longer than 21km.  That is the rules.  Comrades is a national (and international) race and this is a valuable time to be able to meet and talk with fellow novices throughout the country who are holidaying in our part of the world.  For my part, this is particularly dangerous to be left alone as a Comrades novice during December.  It would be a very fine idea if most of the Fish Hoek runners who are running Comrades, have a run together from the beach front and use that opportunity to invite the holiday makers. 

I wonder how much you have changed already after being on the program for four months.  You will probably find you have already installed the outline of a program that may be difficult to change.  I feel it is important to have a change in December to arrive totally refreshed on 1st January and rearing to go for six months of training.  You dabble around with running with your children, let them beat you in the sprints and show them a thing or two in June next year. 

Here is your December training programme.

Objective: to run a mixture of relaxed runs not longer than 21 km

Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4 
w/c   05/12/2011 12/12/2011 19/12/2011 26/12/2011
Monday  REST  REST  REST  16km race 
Tuesday  8km 8km 8km REST
Wednesday  8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T
Thursday  REST  REST  8km 8km
Friday   8km 8km 8km 8km
Saturday  REST 10km 21km REST
Sunday  21km race 15km Christmas Day 25km
Total     45km 49km 53km 65km
Total km for December: 212 km

Recommended races:
26th December -  Tokai Manor House

Thought for the month:
Make a Comrades running friend from an up-country visitor.

The Bill Rowan Programme.

The Bill Rowan medallists ran hard at Winelands and need to recuperate for at least a couple of quiet weeks.  I recommend no more races for you this year apart from a cautious forest run in the Tokai Manor House run.  It would be a good idea for you to join the ordinary novices by not following a rigid daily program each week.  Go to the time trials and run shorter Sunday runs. 

Don Oliver
November 2011
Cape Town

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