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December 2010
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Where are we now? 

Remember that we ask this question each and every month leading up to Comrades on May 29th 2011.  It is a long time to devote to a training programme that is all of longer than 6 months. Each month you need to know where you stand.  Are you on track?  That’s why we set monthly objectives that as long as you meet them I can assure you that you are indeed very much on track. You have 180 days to go which is 6 months.  You are about to enter a tempting month.  December is the month that all your well established life patterns change for the holiday season.  Suddenly you have more time to either loaf or train.  My advice is very clearly to keep the pot boiling in December but do not do too much.  Don’t throw away all your hard earned fitness in a wild irresponsible month by eating and drinking in excess without exercising.  The programme makes allowances for Christmas and being on holiday.  It is always interesting to come across runners who are down here in the Cape on holiday.  It always seems that only the very fit and fast runners come down on holiday.  If you join them on a training run or a race they show you their heels.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Most of them come from Central Gauteng and are running at the lower altitude, drinking in the extra oxygen that we provide free of charge in W.P.

Our menu for the month is compiled bearing in mind not to do too much.  Our kilometres for the month will be more or less the same as last month, November, (261km for a 5 week month).  Enjoy two things about your running this month:
  1. Take part in two road races to get involved with the relaxed and festive period.
  2. Enjoy the local scenery by running relaxed without any pressure and if possible share your good fortune with some holiday makers.  Limit the length of the runs to less than 25km.
This month please enjoy your low key programme because, a word of warning, you will lose a rest day to put up the training for the Comrades requisite of 6 days/week.  You are very nicely built up to handle the increased load. No fears of tiredness or injuries. To lose a rest day involves another rescheduling of what already is a busy week.

You have entered Comrades by now and it is the time to organise travel and accommodation. Nothing worse than rushing around in early May finding everything is full and the only vacancies are very expensive.  Suddenly this month you will have to budget for a new pair of running shoes and the cost of running Comrades is already looking pretty steep.  Use your Christmas bonus wisely.

As the training load increases next year you may well feel that you need to use a supplement to counter any weaknesses.  From the huge range of products that are on display making specific claims in the pharmacies and health shops, it is always wise to select a basic multivitamin as a start.  Other supplements can generally be recommended by the doctor or pharmacist if they specify.

Here is your December programme.

Objective:  To run regularly and relaxed in December to arrive at the start of January 2011 fit and keen to increase the training

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 
w/c  06/12/10  13/12/10  20/12/10  27/12/10 
Tuesday 8kmT/T8kmT/T8kmT/T8kmT/T
Wednesday 8km8km10km race8km
Thursday 10km10km race10km10km
Friday  8kmREST8km8km race
Saturday 15km race 8kmChristmas Day New Year
Sunday REST15km16km race15km
Total    49km   49km     52km 49km   

Total kms for December = 199km

Recommended races, choose from:

December 11th Avbob 15km Table View
December 16th Guguletu Reconcilliation Day 10km
December 18th Mitchells Plain Half marathon 21km
December 22nd Sundowner 10km Waterfront
December 26th Tokai Manor House Run16km
December 31st Runners Memorial run 8km Mouille Point

Thought for the month. "I’m ready for the real training now”

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Don Oliver
Cape Town
November 2010

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