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Comrades, briefly
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The race itself
Mental Preparation
Physical Preparation
A to Z of Comrades
Running injuries
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Don Oliver's Training Programme
Make the commitment

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OK here goes . . .

80 reasons
Advertising on Alsoranrunners 
Ankle injuries 
Arthur's Seat 
Bad runs are good runs

Base work
Believe in yourself
Body check (during the race)
Busses (Pacing) - the Pros and Cons
Bust gut (hernia) 

Buy into the programme
Commitment (make the) 
Commitment list  - see who else has made the commitment
Comrades morning
Core stability

Cross training
Different approaches (to running the race)
Digging Deep

Don Oliver:

Downhill running
Down Run Pacing Charts
Driving the route 

Every man for himself! (or being self sufficient)
Final tips (Don Oliver's) 
Finish (at the)
Finish Stats 2009 - medals per seeding group 

Friends and family
Friends of Alsoran Runners 
Friends of Alsoran Runners - Roll of Honour 
Getting it right on the day - Don Oliver article 
Hanging in! (or running tired) 
I don’t want to win the race
Illness - running sick
In Durban
Injuries - coping mechanism - Gail Mclellan article 

It doesn’t have to be pretty
Jack the gnome 
Keeping the focus
Knowledge is power
Lindsay Weight - How to run the Comrades (word document) 
Logistics - (getting to) Durban
Long Club Run 
Losing the battle, winning the war
Medal stats - 2009
Medal stats - 2010 

Mental considerations (to running the race) 
Mental strength
No baggage allowed
Owning the idea
Pacing Charts (Don Oliver's) 
Pit stops (or shit happens)
Physiotherapy (or manage the damage) 
Play the hand you’re dealt
Practical considerations (to running the race) 
Pre-race preparations (in Durban)
Quad injury 
Qualifying Marathon
Recovery (after Comrades 2011) - an article by Don Oliver
Roll of Honour - friends of Alsoran Runners 
Route Profile 

Running gear (and assessories)

Running injuries
Shut up and run
Skills to acquire


The Buffet Table Analogy
The day before
The mental “Goody Bag”
The race itself 
Time on your legs
Tog Bag Security 
Training partners
Training Programmes:
2013 training programme:

2012 training programme:

2011 training programme:

2010 training programme:

2009 training programme:
Transport to the start
Umlaas Road 

Up hill running  
Up run pacing charts
Up run route profile

Visualise the finish
Wall of honour
Weather in Durban/Pietermaritzburg

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