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April 2018
Training Programme for Comrades 2018

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Don Oliver's Training Programme

“Where are we now?”

73 days to go and coming up fast. The start to this programme is only 2 days after Oceans and the legs are still sore. After all the memories of how hard the 56km route was, you have to start thinking about Comrades. This next one will be 90km which is a cool 34km further. Those of those that achieved the objective of getting in under 6 hours for Oceans can now adjust their sights to slowing down and increasing the distance in training runs. At this stage you will have completed one standard marathon and one ultra so you still have another standard and two ultras to go. There is only one official fixture in April which is the popular Weskus Marathon on April 21st 2018 in Langebaan. It is ideally placed 3 weeks after Oceans and then allowing recovery after Weskus, brings you to May 12th which would be ideal for a long club run of 60km. The wind down would start after that run. The score for training Comrades would then be two standard marathons and three ultras would be acceptable. The first plan published in the February programme did not include Weskus but did include two standards and 4 ultras. Either choice will be acceptable.

April can be a difficult month having first of all to recover from Oceans and then get back in hard training mode to complete the 9 weeks hard training period before the 4 week wind down. Measure your own recovery from Oceans first of all be sore legs. Only jog/walk while you have sore legs. It is a dangerous time to get a major injury. When legs are no longer sore run for up to 45minutes slowly and walking if any sign of stiffness reappears. The less apparent demands that have been made to your body at Oceans are manifested in a general tiredness at work and at home as well as on the road. I recommend a period of two weeks post Oceans during which you take it easy. Stock up on your nutritional needs eating well making sure you have good balanced meals containing all your carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamins.

Work on an analysis of your performance at Oceans. Accept areas such as going out too fast, not enough walking early on in the race, not handling the hills, failing to take advantage of the many generous downhills, losing concentration after mid way by ignoring the pacing chart and only waking up too late with 5km to go, not taking in sufficient water and carbohydrate, are some important examples to look at.

At the end of this month April we will record how well the training has gone Remember we are aiming for 1200km Jan to June. The weekly time trial of 8km remains largely as a social occasion to build up contact with your running friends. Try to maintain a steady pace which now should be comfortable to finish 8km in 46minutes. Participate in all the activities arranged by your club for the Comrades entrants. Most clubs now arrange a support gazebo along the Comrades route where you can leave fresh goos, socks, special formula reviver drinks and good luck mascots. You welcome your local supporters emotionally as you spot the club emblem along the long day journey.
Here is your raining Programme for April 2018 based on the Weskus marathon

Objective: to complete a standard marathon in less than 4hours 20mins and accumulate 340 km training for the month.    

 Week 1.Week 2. Week 3. Week 4Week 5.
w/c02/04/18   09/04/18 16/04/18 23/04/1830/04/18
Tuesday   5km  8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T  8km T/T
Wednesday8km 8km 10km 10km 10km
Thursday8km12km 12km 12km14km
Friday  8km 8km REST8km10km
Saturday 5km8km42km race5km10km
Sunday15km 25kmREST15km40km
Total49km  69km 72km58km92km

Total km for April 2018 = 340km (Equivalent to 272km for a 4 week month.)
Recommended races:
April 21st 2018. Weskus marathon 42km Langebaan.

Here is the April Training Programme based on the race menu published in the February article.

Objective To complete two long training runs of 40km and 54km.and record a total of 343km for the month.
Week 1.Week 2. Week 3. Week 4Week 5.
w/c02/04/1809/04/1816/04/18 23/04/1830/04/18
Tuesday 5km8km T/T8km T/T8km T/T8km T/T
Thursday 8km12km12km12km14km
Friday 5km 8km5km 8km 8km
Saturday5km5kmWietsie 54km5km5km
Total 43km68km89km58km 85km

Total km for April 2018 = 343km ( Equivalent to 274km for a 4 week month)

Thought for the month: "I have trained well and I will finish well”

Don Oliver
Cape Town
March 2018.

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