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April 2017
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Where are we now? 

We’re getting closer and right bang in the middle of our hard training period of 9 weeks. 68 days to go. Just over 2 months. Well on your way and should have done two standards and one ultra by now. The ultra was only 50km but still over 42km and into that magic world of ultra marathon runners. Proud to be out there and part of it? Another 42km standard or there about and also up into the super league of the Two Oceans 56km over Easter.

Two Oceans is your last fast race before Comrades. Here is a Pacing Chart which you will find useful on the day. It is a variable, testing race and needs measurement points to check you are on schedule.

Pacing Chart for Two Oceans.2017

Km BoardStopwatch time
5 31mins 
10  1 hour  01mins
151 hour  31mins
202hours 01mins
252hours 32mins
28 Halfway2hours 50mins
303hours 03mins
353hours 37mins
42 Marathon4hours 22mins
454hours 43mins
505hours 15mins
555hours 48mins
56 Finish 5hours 55mins
The crowd supports for local runners is incredible but keep a wary eye on going too fast to impress your supporters. A bronze at Oceans (sub 6hours ) assures you of a safe bronze at Comrades.(sub 11 hours). Your splits should be close to 2hours 50mins for the first half and a slower second half of 3hours 05mins. Your mindset must also be that you will not be affected by the weather, be it windy, wet or hot, or even all three!

For my part you can expect to run well at Oceans having run two standards and ultra. Your stamina cannot be in doubt. Your local knowledge of the course is invaluable and your experience of local weather conditions will stand you in good stead. After the Oceans all the runs are devoted to slow controlled running designed to develop the endurance needed to carry on for 87kms at Comrades. Not only 87km but also a minimum of 11 hours on the road. To keep going for that length of time requires special patience and endurance. You must be thinking of just that on all your runs and races from now on. Get comfortable is the keyword. Your pace must be such that you can keep going all day without falling apart and of course then, is your frame of mind. You are advised to split Comrades up into sections that you have always felt comfortable with. For example if you can handle 30km any time then split Comrades up to 3 sections roughly 30km each. First 30km to roughly Bothas Hill, second to 60km to about Harrison Flats and then home to the finish.

The recovery after Oceans requires special treatment. As soon as you finish the race, have a recovery drink. If you feel either cold or dehydrated treat it urgently. Your legs will feel sore after Oceans and that is just the time that you can get an injury if you try to run too fast too soon. You can have 2 or 3days complete rest before getting out on the road again walk/run gently. The next weekend your long run is no more than 15km. Keep in mind that the programme calls for the last long run two weeks after Oceans of 54km but must be a slow jog with stops all the way. Make sure you book that Wietse run from Belville to Hout Bay 54km. That is your last long run before winding down to Comrades.

Here is your training programme for April.

Objective: To complete the 56km Two Oceans marathon in less than 6hours 00mins.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
w/c 03/04/17 10/04/17 17/04/17 24/04/17
Tuesday 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T 8km T/T
Wednesday 12km  8km  5km  10km 
Thursday 8km 8km 8km 12km
Friday 12km REST 8km 8km
Saturday 5km  56km race 5km  54km
Sunday 20km REST 15km REST
Total 65km 80km 49km 92km
Total km for April 2017 = 286km.

Recommended races:
April 15th 2017 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. . Newlands
April 29th 2017 Wietse se run Belville to Hout Bay. 54km

Thought for the month “I have trained well and expect to finish well “

Don Oliver
Cape Town
March 2017

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