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This list comes from a t-shirt I bought at the Comrades Expo in 2005 celebrating the 80th running of the Comrades Marathon.  I think it is pretty concise!  

NOTE: The comments in RED are mine!

80 Reasons to run the 80th Comrades Marathon

  1. Personal achievement and self satisfaction
  2. Self respect and self discipline
  3. Health and fitness
  4. Cardio vascular benefits
  5. To lose weight (I wish)
  6. A journey of self discovery
  7. For the joy, freedom, wonder and beauty of it
  8. To fulfil a dream
  9. To meet an extraordinary challenge
  10. To be part of a showcase event
  11. For the spectacle and prestige of the race
  12. So that life will be a little less gray
  13. A personal struggle
  14. A heroic struggle
  15. For personal upliftment
  16. To honour the noble origins of the race
  17. To commemorate fallen comrades (my grandfather fought in WW1, and was killed in action in WW2)
  18. To celebrate Youth Day (yea right!)
  19. To be part of an historic event
  20. To be part of the 80th celebratory festivities
  21. To experience the spirit of Comrades
  22. With a friend, for a friend (always!)
  23. With a loved one (have done the last 9 runs with Andy, my hubby :-)
  24. To make new friends
  25. For the companionship of hours and months of training (yea, yea!!!)
  26. For the unique camaraderie of race day
  27. For the kindness and kinship of fellow runners
  28. For the legendary crowd support
  29. For the Proudly South African-ness of it
  30. For the medal
  31. For the badge
  32. For the T-shirt
  33. For the prize money (don't think I fall into this category!)
  34. For the fame
  35. For the pride and the glory
  36. For a wager or a dare
  37. For one of the official charities
  38. For your own favourite charty
  39. In memory of a loved one :-)
  40. For your boss
  41. For your employees
  42. For yourself
  43. To earn the admiration of neighbours, colleagues and friends
  44. To better your previous time
  45. To complete an “up” and a “down”
  46. To earn your green number (your 10th) (done)
  47. To run in and show off your green number (your 11th)  (done)
  48. To earn double, triple or quadruple green (your 20th, 30th, 40th)
  49. For the electric atmosphere of the start
  50. For the unbridled energy and enthusiasm of the first 20km
  51. For the good-natured chirping of fellow runners on the route
  52. For the shared seriousness of a daunting challenge
  53. To conquer the distance
  54. To conquer the time
  55. To conquer the hills
  56. For all you can eat
  57. For all you can drink
  58. World class refreshment stations
  59. For world-class physiotherapy, medical and emergency support
  60. The exhilaration of passing through halfway still feeling optimistic and fresh (mmmmmmmm?)
  61. For the breath-taking view of the Valley of 1000 Hills
  62. For the spine-tingling feeling you get as you run past the Wall of Honour
  63. For your first glimpse of the ocean from the top of Field’s Hill
  64. For the thousands of grossly inconvenienced local residents who love the race
  65. For the kindness, caring and support of strangers
  66. Because this year it’s “down” which means no “Polly Shortts”
  67. For the overwhelming crowds on the run-in to Durban
  68. For the awesome and embracing atmosphere at the finish
  69. For the sharing of battle stories afterwards
  70. For the generosity of sponsors that are emotionally involved in the event
  71. For the organisers’ endeavours
  72. For the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg and the province of Kwazulu-Natal
  73. For the thousands of volunteers
  74. To be a South African hero
  75. For the millions of listeners, viewers and supporters all over South Africa who want you to succeed
  76. For ALL the people who care
  77. Because it’s South Africa’s Everest
  78. For the people who can’t
  79. Because you can
  80. At least once in your Lifetime you must experience The Ultimate Human Race

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Copyright Nikki Campbell 2009